communication knots

Core Ideas is a strategic marketing communications agency that excels in untwisting the most gnarly communication knots, with our presentation coaching, media training, and leadership development services.

Where some see nerve-wracking communication challenges, we see an opportunity to:

• Deliver a
keynote that knocks their socks off
• Tell a
powerhouse story in a media interview
• Grab industry and financial analysts with your
• Deliver an
elevator pitch that wows new prospects

For the past 15 years we've shared our counsel with some of the best and brightest CXOs and teams from the Fortune 500 as well as start-ups and SMBs.

Whether you've got a Gordian Knot or a simple slip, we'll get you untwisted and ensure your communication is focused, compelling, and memorable in all the critical business scenarios that matter.

P.S. All those scenarios revolve around
our favorite body part.

®We Create Smartmouths is a registered service mark of Core Ideas Communication.